Pre-Marriage Counselling

Individual & Couple Counselling

Pre-marriage counselling is a preventative approach, that focuses on helping couples navigate their differences and expectations whilst addressing important issues before they arise in their relationship. A Conscious Marriage recognises the importance of seeking support early on for a healthy and strong future together. Research shows that couples who seek pre-marital counselling are at lower risk of divorce or relationship breakdown and experience greater marital satisfaction. In addition, they tend to feel more equipped to handle relationship issues and are far more likely to seek support later down the track.

A Conscious Marriage Psychotherapy provides individual and couple counselling for anyone looking to get married, currently engaged or newly married for up to one year.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently not taking on any new clients until further notice. Updated 20/8/22

Benefits of Pre-Marriage Counselling

  • Increases self-awareness

    Helps you build an intimate relationship with yourself and understand your triggers, tendencies, values, deepest fears and core needs.

  • Promotes healthy communication & intimacy

    Fosters intimacy and a safe space to develop healthy communication patterns to help you effectively express your needs and emotions together.

  • Improves conflict management skills

    Helps you explore issues before they arise and equips you with all the right skills to effectively navigate conflict in the future.

Commonly explored areas include:

  • Family of Origin Histories

  • Expectations (including roles and responsibilities)

  • Sex & Intimacy

  • Conflict Management

  • Personality Differences

  • Family Life (including parenthood and in-laws/extended family challenges.)

  • Financial Management

  • Mental Health Issues (including depression, anxiety, PTSD & personality disorders.)

  • Addictions (including drug and alcohol issues, pornography and gambling.)

  • Religion (including core values, beliefs and practices.)