Pre-Marriage Course

The Good Beginnings Pre-Marriage Program

The “Good Beginnings” pre-marriage program developed by Benevolence Australia in partnership with Sir Zelman Cowen Centre and Victoria University is designed to help Muslim couples build strong foundations for their future together. It is perfect for engaged or newlywed couples who are embarking on the journey of marriage. The course integrates prophetic teachings, evidence-based theory and experiences of real-life couples to explore a holistic and faith-based approach to marriage.
It draws upon the Prepare-Enrich Program, the #1 pre-marital assessment tool used globally for over 35 years. The first part of Prepare-Enrich includes an online assessment that identifies strength and growth areas as a couple. Each couple will then receive a unique "couple report" that will be explored and used to guide exercises and discussion points during 3-4 feedback sessions with a trained marriage mentor.

Topics include:

Throughout the course, you will gain key skills and knowledge on a range of important relationship topics.

  • The Prophetic Model of Marriage

  • Knowing your Strengths as a Couple

  • Communication Styles

  • Stress & Conflict Management

  • Understanding Each Other and Your Families

  • Being Yourself in a Couple

  • Financial Management

How does it work?

  • Complete the Prepare-Enrich Questionnaire

    Prior to the first session, each partner completes an online questionnaire which is used to outline relationship strength and growth areas.

  • Video Lessons

    Every module includes an interactive video that unpacks each topic and provides insights into real-life experiences of married couples.

  • Activity Tasks

    Each topic includes engaging exercises and discussion points to develop practical relationship skills and knowledge.

What is unique about the course?


    Learn with fun and interactive videos, questionnaires, tasks and discussions that will increase self-awareness and enhance communication & intimacy.


    Integrates faith and psychological evidence-based theory that offers a holistic perspective on marriage.


    Gain lifetime access to valuable educational content that is much cheaper than other pre-marital courses and counselling services.


    Catered to the needs and values of those from culturally diverse backgrounds and faith-based communities.


    Explore the course with the guidance and support of an accredited Good Beginnings Marriage Mentor.

By the end of the course, you will have...

  • Developed an understanding of your family of origin experiences and how they impact your relationship

  • Identified and expressed your needs, desires and shared life goals for the future

  • Attained a deeper understanding of the meaning of marriage in Islam

  • Explored the importance of having a relationship with God and its ability to positively impact your marriage

  • Learnt new powerful ways to enhance relationship intimacy

  • Understood the science behind conflict and ways to best manage it in the future

Interested in this course?

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